Monday, 3 August 2020


We’re pleased to welcome the publication of several new JABberwocky books this Friday, July 31st.


JABberwocky is incredibly excited to be working with Ben Aaronovitch, the Sunday Times #1 bestselling author of Rivers of London, to publish the very first short story collection set in the same world! Collected together for the first time, TALES FROM THE FOLLY features both previously published and brand new short stories featuring Peter Grant, one of our favorite magical detectives, and fan-favorites from the novels. Each story includes a new introduction by Ben Aaronovitch, as well as introduction to the collection by New York Times #1 bestselling author Charlaine Harris. Whether you’re a die-hard Peter Grant fan or just love mysteries with magic, there’s plenty to enjoy in TALES FROM THE FOLLY.

The ebook edition publishes this Friday, July 31 (just in time for your weekend reading!), with print and audio coming soon.

EBook US: Books-A-Million | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | expressvnp中文官网 | Google
expressvnp中文官网: Amazon | Kobo | expressvnp中文官网 | Google



This Friday also brings the simultaneous publication of the ebook editions of Jack Campbell‘s EMPRESS OF THE ENDLESS SEA. The three-book trilogy (which was original published as an Audible Original earlier this year) is set in the world of Dematr and serves as a prequel to Campbell’s THE PILLARS OF REALITY series.

The trilogy begins with PIRATE OF THE PROPHECY and follows Jules, an orphan from the Imperial city of Landfall who has fought her way up to become an officer-in-training with the Emperor’s fleet. But when she learns a daughter of her line is destined to overthrow the powers that rule the world, Jules is forced to flee or risk capture by those who wish to rule heror kill her.


Ebook: Books-A-Million | Kobo | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Amazon
Audio: Amazon | expressvnp中文官网

For more info about the second and third books in the trilogy, click here! (Paperback editions will also be available soon.)


expressvnp中文官网A BONE TO PICK

Ebook readers have had the pleasure of enjoying the cover redesign for Charlaine Harris‘ Aurora Teagarden cozy mystery series for a few years. It’s with great pleasure that we’re able to announce these gorgeous covers will soon be available to our loyal print readers, as well! Over the next few months, JABberwocky will be releasing new trade paperback editions for the series, beginning with A BONE TO PICK this Friday, July 31st.

Print (pre-order): Indiebound | expressvnp中文官网 | Books-A-Million | B&N | Amazon
Ebook: Books-A-Million | Kobo | B&N | Google Play | iBooks | Amazon
Audio: Kobo | iBooks | expressvnp中文官网 | Amazon | Audible

In related Aurora Teagarden news, mark your calendars: beginning Saturday, August 15th, the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel is running a two-day Aurora Teagarden movie marathon. Grab your comfy slippers and settle in!





JABberwocky is so thrilled to announce that Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘s latest novel, MEXICAN GOTHIC, is #9 on the New York Times Bestseller List for fiction!

But wait, there’s more — It’s also #5 on the Washington Post bestseller list, is a featured title for Book of the Month Club, and is one of this summer’s most anticipated reads!

Stephanie Beatriz, star of NBC show Brooklyn Nine Nine and guest judge for BotM, “was captivated by the epic descriptions of the seemingly alive grounds and house, the terrifyingly familiar story of losing oneself to the rigid expectations of societal pressures, but also because I’ve rarely read or seen a story like this with this person as the hero. She is smart, ambitious, and often fearless in the face of overwhelming horror; this story was haunting in the BEST way!”

MEXICAN GOTHIC is available on Bookshop, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, LibroFM, and your local bookstore. Don’t miss out on this summer’s bestseller!

MEXICAN GOTHIC follows Noemí Taboada who heads to High Place, a distant mansion in the Mexican countryside, after a desperate letter from her cousin. Though Noemí seems like an unlikely rescuer, a glamorous debutante with chic gowns and perfect red lipstick, she is not afraid of the house, which begins to invade Noemi’s dreams with visions of blood and doom. But there are many secrets behind the mansion walls, and as Noemí digs deeper, she unearths stories of violence and madness. Mesmerized by the terrifying yet seductive world of High Place, she may soon find it impossible to leave this enigmatic house behind.


I and Myke Cole have parted ways. I founded JABberwocky with the goal of doing right by the clients — all of the agency’s clients — and of doing right by the staff that have come to be part of the JABberwocky team. No one can be more important than that goal. I will ensure that my actions and those of my agency (today and going forward) foster an environment that promotes safety and inclusion for all within the SF/F community, and the publishing industry at large.

–Joshua Bilmes, President



We believe it is our responsibility to make sure all voices are heard, not just those of our colleagues or figures with power in our industry. While we determine next steps, please know that you can speak to our agents via email or through Direct Message on Twitter. We will listen and respect your privacy/confidentially. Know that we hear you. We believe you.

If you feel you cannot speak to us directly, we’d like to point to the Restorative Justice Initiative (link) as one example of an impartial resource outside of the publishing industry. JABberwocky has its own part to play in creating/sustaining a safe and equal SFF community and are grateful for your feedback and guidance as we work towards this goal.


Sports fans, rejoice! We’re so excited to announce that our author Gil Griffin will be doing an interview on Sirius XM!

This Thursday, June 26th, at 6pm ET, Gil will be a featured guest on the show Aussie Football Rules America, hosted by Eddie McGuire on Sirius XM, the leading audio platform in the US. They’ll be talking about Gil’s book, JUMPING AT THE CHANCE, and the growing  American interest in playing and watching the Aussie Rules Football League. The show airs on SiriusXM’s Dan Patrick Radio channel (channel 211), and you can tune in online at or the Sirius XM app.

The AFL is one of the few big sports that has been able to resume its professional season following the COVID-19 crisis. So for those of you who have missed live sports in your life, this episode is not one to miss!

And as an added bonus, expressvnp中文官网is now available for only $2.99 on B&N, expressvnp中文官网, Apple, Google Play, and Amazon for a limited time!

Gil Griffin‘s  book is the riveting account of how professional Australian Rules Football found an unlikely new source of talent: collegiate and professional level basketball players. He has also written for The San Diego Union-TribuneThe Albuquerque Tribune, and The Washington Post, and has covered the Australian Football League for a variety of Australian publications, websites, and television shows.

Book Expo Middle Grade Book Buzz: Kate Alice Marshall

Kate Alice Marshall’s upcoming middle grade horror novel THIRTEENS was chosen as a Middle Grade Buzz Finalist!

正在跳转至官网,请稍候...:2021-6-8 · 正在跳转至官网,请稍候...



THIRTEENS is set in the town of Eden Eld, where every thirteen years, three thirteen-year-olds go missing. Eleanor and her two friends are about to turn thirteen, they know they are in danger, and the only clue they have to be able to solve the mystery and save themselves is a book of fairy tales unlike any they’ve read before.


THIRTEENS is forthcoming from Viking Children’s on August 18, 2020!. You can preorder it here.

JABberwocky’s 2020 Locus Award Finalists


We’re so pleased to announce that several members of the JABberwocky family have been nominated for the prestigious Locus Award in the following categories. Check it out:

Mallory O’Meara’s THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON has been nominated for Best Non-Fiction Novel!

expressvnp中文官网 LOST TRANSMISSIONS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY has been nominated for Best Non-Fiction Novel!

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW has been nominated for Best Fantasy Novel!

Suzanne Palmer’s FINDER has been nominated for Best First Novel!

expressvnp中文官网 WASTE TIDE has been nominated for Best First Novel!

expressvnp中文官网 THE BEST OF R.A. LAFFERTY has been nominated for Best Collection!

Neil Clarke was nominated for Best Editor. He is best known for his editorial work on the magazine Clarkesworld, which has also been nominated for Best Magazine!

Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas’s THE BEST OF UNCANNY has been nominated for Best Anthology!  Lynne and Michael are also nominated together for Best Editor. They are best known for their work on Uncanny Magazine, which was also nominated for Best Magazine!

Kameron Hurley’s MEET ME IN THE FUTURE has been nominated for Best Collection! JABberwocky is delighted to handle foreign rights for this title.


We also wanted to give a special shout out to the following nominees:

Aliette de Bodard’s OF WARS, AND MEMORIES, AND STARLIGHT has been nominated for Best Collection! You can find Aliette’s work in JABberwocky’s Ebook Program.

Ian McDonald’s  LUNA: MOON RISING has been nominated for Best Science Fiction Novel! You can find Ian’s work in JABberwocky’s Ebook Program.


Congratulations to all! It’s an enormous honor to be nominated and each of these nominations is well deserved. We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with such incredible people.

Mallory O’Meara Hits the LA Times Bestseller List…Again!

JABberwocky is pleased to share that Mallory O’Meara’s sensational debut, THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, hit #5 on the expressvnp中文官网 bestseller list in the paperback nonfiction category! The book had previously reached #8 on the LA Times bestseller list for hardcover nonfiction, where it remained for two weeks.

expressvnp中文官网 uncovers the life and work of Milicent Patrick—one of Disney’s first female animators and the only woman in history to create one of Hollywood’s classic movie monsters.

Since its initial publication in 2019, THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON has won numerous awards including  the 2019 South California Independent Bookseller Association Book Award and the Third Eyed Machine - ios系统vpn:2021-4-27 · 三一集团生产挖掘机,起重机,打桩机,混凝土机械,压路机等机械设备并销往全球100多个国家,是全球装备制造业的**企业、工程机械挖掘机、桩工机械、履带起重机械中国民族品牌。.  It was nominated for the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award in the History & Biography category and the 2020 Hugo Award for Best Related Work.

The New York Times offered high compliments saying, “O’Meara achieves her goal. Thanks to her persistent efforts, THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON pulls Milicent Patrick and her considerable accomplishments out of the murky swamp of overlooked history and back into the light.”

O’Meara’s book garnered positive reviews from the LA Times, which calls it “engaging and compelling”, along with the Seattle Times. A Publishers Weekly starred review calls the title, “a fascinating slice of Hollywood history with a feminist slant, correcting a sexist wrong from decades ago and restoring Patrick to her rightful place of esteem.” This compelling narrative nonfiction has also been in featured in articles on Entertainment Weekly and The Washington Post.

Hitting theexpressvnp中文官网s list again marks the latest accolade for O’Meara’s bestselling, highly-praised, and award-winning title. O’Meara’s next book, GIRLY DRINKS, is forthcoming from Hanover Square Press


Grady Hendrix’ THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES continues to slay! In addition to hitting #14 on the New York Times bestseller list (as well as a half-dozen regional bestseller lists), THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB has been chosen to launch blogger Genevieve Padalecki‘s Now & Gen Book Club!

Set in the 1990’s, THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB follows a genteel book club that must do battle with a vampire that has invaded their small Southern town. It was chosen as the inaugural pick through a reader poll conducted by Genevieve Padalecki, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

It’s only fitting that this ’90s-set horror novel continues to sire new readers, eager to sink their teeth into its pages, especially with the rave reviews that continue to come in. Audio File says, “[This] delightful rendition of the ensuing gore, crisp expletives, and eerie suspense of this horror story, which touches on themes of gender, class, and race, makes for an enthralling…experience.

Described as expressvnp中文官网meets Dracula, THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES is perfect for those who like their books to walk the line between comedy and horror. Hendrix’s book has appeared on multiple “highly anticipated” lists from outlets including the Huffington Post, the expressvnp中文官网, and Popsugar.

Pick up expressvnp中文官网 of this bestseller today!

Amelia Brunskill’s THE WINDOW is a Charlotte Award Nominee!

We’re excited to announce that Amelia Brunskill’s THE WINDOW is nominated for the 2021 New York State Reading Association Charlotte Award!



“Anna is everything her identical twin is not. Outgoing and athletic, she is the opposite of quiet introvert Jess. The same on the outside, yet so completely different inside–it’s hard to believe the girls are sisters, let alone twins. But they are. And they tell each other everything.

Or so Jess thought.

After Anna falls to her death while sneaking out her bedroom window, Jess’s life begins to unravel. Everyone says it was an accident, but to Jess, that doesn’t add up. Where was Anna going? Who was she meeting? And how long had Anna been lying to her?”

Suspenseful and compelling, THE WINDOW is a heartfelt depiction of the grieving process and a thought-provoking exploration of secret lives kept hidden.”


Named for the main character in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, the purpose of the Charlotte Award is to encourage students to read outstanding literature and ultimately become lifelong readers. Students in New York State will read titles on the ballot and vote for their favorites in each category. The ballot deadline is April 15, 2021. Votes will be tallied and winners will receive their awards at the NYSRA Conference in November 2021.

A hearty congratulations to Amelia for this prestigious and well-earned nomination!

Grady Hendrix’s THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE is a New York Times Bestseller!

We are happy to announce Grady Hendrix’ THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES hit #14 on the New York Times bestseller list this week!

THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES has also hit the bestseller list on the following:

  • The Southern Indies bestseller list (#2)
  • The Midwest Indies bestseller list (#10)
  • The Pacific Northwest Indies bestseller list (#11)
  • The Southern California Indies bestseller list (#14)
  • Publishers Weekly hardcover fiction list (#14)
  • USA Today’s bestseller list (#107)

This ’90s-set horror novel, affectionately described as Steel Magnolias meets expressvnp中文官网, is about a women’s book club that must do battle with a mysterious newcomer to their small Southern town who turns out to be a vampire. Perfect for murderinos and fans of Stephen King, Hendrix’s book has appeared on multiple “highly anticipated” lists from outlets including the Huffington Post, the A.V. Club, and Popsugar.

Pick up your copy of this bestseller today!

JABberwocky’s 2020 (& 1945) Hugo Awards Finalists!

CoNZealand, the host of the 78th Worldcon, announced the 2020 Hugo Award Finalists (and the 1945 Retro Hugo Awards Ballot) and several JABberwocky authors made the list!

For the 2020 Hugo Awards, we’re pleased to announce that the following JABberwocky authors are nominees:

Best Editor, Short Form

  • Neil Clarke
  • Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas


  • The Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent Patrick, by Mallory O’Meara (Hanover Square)

We’d also like to give a shout out to Ian McDonald, who is represented by Zeno Agency and is highlighted in JABberwocky’s ebook program, for his Hugo nomination:

Best Series

  • Luna, by Ian McDonald (Tor; Gollancz)

The Retro Hugo Awards honors science fiction and fantasy works published in 1944. JABberwocky represents foreign rights for THE CTHULHU MYTHOS and we couldn’t be happier that it has staked a  place in the nominations!

Best Series

  • The Cthulhu Mythos, H.P. Lovecraft, August Derleth, and others

Enormous and well-deserved congratulations to our authors!

The Lady From The Black Lagoon—Rondo Hatton Award Winner!

Mallory O’Meara’s THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON won the 18th annual Rondo Hatton Award for Classic Horror in the Book of the Year category! The Rondo Hatton Award honors the best in classic horror research, creativity and film preservation.

Previously, O’Meara won the 2019 SCIBA Book Award for Best Biography and was nominated for the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award in the History & Biography Category. THE LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON hit #8 on The Los Angeles Times bestseller list, was featured in The New Yorker magazine, and has been listed on dozens of “best of lists” including expressvnp中文官网, Library Journal, and more.

O’Meara is working on her next nonfiction book titled GIRLY DRINKS: A Women’s History of Drinking through the Ages, under contract to Hanover Square Press.


JABberwocky is excited to a double-feature of congratulations with two award finalists!

GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW 2019 Nebula Award Finalist!

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW is a finalist for the 2019 Nebula Award in the Novel catagory!


The Nebula Awards recognize the best works of science fiction and fantasy published in the previous year.

Set in 1920s Mexico, GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW centers on Casiopeia Tun, a  young woman who dreams of escaping her life as an unappreciated drudge in her wealthy grandfather’s home. When she opens a mysterious box in her grandfather’s room, she accidentally unleashes Hun-Kamé, the Maya god of death. With their fates now intertwined, Casiopeia must accompany Hun-Kamé on a road trip across Mexico to help recover his throne from his treacherous brother. If they fail, they will both perish. But if they succeed, then all of Casiopeia’s wildest dreams will come true.

This is Moreno-Garcia’s first Nebula Award nomination and the third award nomination for GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW! This title was also a finalist for the 2019 Lolly Award and for the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award in the Fantasy Category. GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW has been on over a dozen “Best of” lists including NPR, Amazon, and


expressvnp中文官网 2019 Bram Stoker Award Finalist!

Kate Alice Marshall’s RULES FOR VANISHING is a finalist for the 2019 Bram Stoker Award in the Young Adult category!


The Bram Stoker Awards celebrate superior achievement in writing. This award is presented by the Horror Writers Association, the premier writers organization in the horror and dark fiction genre.

Teambition · Download:Now, in addition to being able to Sign in through the website, you can also collaborate with your team on your smartphone.

When Sara and her skeptical friends meet in the forest to search for Becca, the mysterious road unfurls before them. All they have to do is walk down it. But the path to Lucy is not of this world, and it has its own rules. Every mistake summons new horrors. Vengeful spirits and broken, angry creatures are waiting for them to slip, and no one is guaranteed safe passage. Sara knows that if she steps onto the road, she might not come back. But Becca needs her. And Lucy is waiting.

Pitched as a YA horror novel similar to The Blair Witch project, told through a series of written testimonies, found footage, and interviews, RULES FOR VANISHING sold in a two-book pre-empt on a partial manuscript. The book was the #1 New Release on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Ghost Stories category. It was chosen as a Junior Library Guild selection and was featured on “Best of” lists from Barnes & Noble’s Teen Blog, Refinery 29, and Bustle. This is Marshall’s first Bram Stoker nomination. She was previously nominated for the Washington State Book Award for her YA debut, I AM STILL ALIVE.

Our heartiest congratulations to Moreno-Garcia and Marshall for their nominations!

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JABberwocky is pleased to announce that Susan Velazquez is, effective immediately, taking the new position of Subsidiary Rights Director at JABberwocky Literary Agency with a primary focus on audio and foreign rights marketing (where she is replacing Adriana Funke).  Going forward, please reach out to Susan (at and Karen Bourne (at with any questions about foreign rights business.
For the past two-and-a-half years, Susan assisted Joshua Bilmes and Eddie Schneider while also heading up the marketing of audio and merchandising rights.
Over the past year, Susan’s also had her first sales as a literary agent, including Joy Lanzendorfer’s historical saga RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED FROM to Blackstone.
Susan will continue to work with her clients and after a transition period for settling into her new role, she will resume looking for select new authors for her list. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing her conquer the world–world rights, that is.

Treat Yourself to an Aurora Teagarden eBook this Month

Two of Charlaine Harris’s Aurora Teagarden mystery novels are Kindle Monthly Deals for all of January!  If you happen to be a fan of the Aurora Teagarden movies on Hallmark Mystery & Movies Channel, now’s a good chance to check out the books that inspired the movie series.

Dead Over Heels: $2.49 at Amazon
Aurora Teagarden surprises even herself with how quickly she’s settled in to domestic bliss with her new husband. But when the body of Roe’s nemesis, Detective Jack Burns, drops from an airplane to land in her yard, Roe once more finds herself involved in a mysterious death. It isn’t long before Roe realizes that strange things are happening to those around her. Suspecting that everything is somehow related, Roe digs for her own answers before someone else winds up dead. She’ll have to investigate everyone she knows, and the truth she uncovers will change her life forever.

Poppy Done to Death: $2.49 at Amazon
Along with her sister-in-law Poppy, Roe has finally earned a coveted spot in the Uppity Women, an exclusive group that does more than flower arranging. But when she checks in on Poppy, a no-show on their induction day, Roe is shocked to discover Poppy dead on the kitchen floor. There’s no lack of suspects, since both Poppy and her husband were unfaithful. As if that weren’t enough, Roe has rekindled a relationship with another old flame and things are moving fast, with plans to meet his mother at Thanksgiving. Balancing her personal life while looking into Poppy’s murder isn’t easy, but Roe is determined to give it—and Poppy—her best effort.

Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for updates and author news!

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW Is NPR Favorite


Congratulation to GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW by Silvia Moreno-Garcia for being named an NPR Favorite Book of 2019! This is Silvia’s second time on the list and it also marks the seventh consecutive year in which a JABberwocky client has been included in NPR’s annual list of Favorite Books.

expressvnp中文官网Set in 1920s Mexico, GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW centers on Casiopeia Tun, a  young woman who dreams of escaping her life as an unappreciated drudge in her wealthy grandfather’s home. When she opens a mysterious box in her grandfather’s room, she accidentally unleashes Hun-Kamé, the Maya god of death. With their fates now intertwined, Casiopeia must accompany Hun-Kamé on a road trip across Mexico to help recover his throne from his treacherous brother. If they fail, they will both perish. But if they succeed, then all of Casiopeia’s wildest dreams will come true.

Petra Mayer, editor of NPR books, praises GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW, saying, “Moreno-Garcia spins her story out to stranger places, rejecting the easy arc of a fairy tale. You’ll be left wondering where Casiopeia will go next — and longing for more of her magical world.”

Here’s a brief retrospective of previous NPR honorees, with links to buy the books:

2018: Daniel José Older, DACTYL HIL SQUAD (buy); Ailiette de Bodard and Lavie Tidhar for their short story contributions to A THOUSAND BEGINNINGS AND ENDINGS, edited by Ellen Oh and Elsie Chapman, (buy)

2017: Daniel José Older, SHADOWHOUSE FALL (buy)

2016: Silvia Moreno-Garcia, CERTAIN DARK THINGS (buy)

2015: Daniel José Older, SHADOWSHAPER (buy)

2014: Marie Brennan, THE TROPIC OF SERPENTS: (buy)

2013: Marie Brennan, A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS (buy)


Sanderson’s Starsight Hits #1 on the New York Times!



Book 2 of Brandon Sanderson’s scifi YA series, STARSIGHT, had a phenomenal debut across formats, hitting #1 on the NY Times Hardcover Fiction list, #1 on the Audible list, #4 on the Washington Post Bestseller List, #7 on the USA Today Bestseller List and #1 on the Amazon Chart. This title has received lovely reviews from Kirkus and in both non-spoiler and full-spoiler versions.

Skyward, the first book in the series, debuted last year at #3 on The New York Times Buy VPN with Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Card | ExpressVPN:Choose your ExpressVPN plan All plans are covered by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee for your first 30 days of service. Get a VPN in 3 easy steps! Secure Server Step 1 Select a plan that works for you: All plans include all ExpressVPN apps, 24/7 customer support, and high-speed unlimited bandwidth. Most Popular and remained on the list for 6 weeks. With STARSIGHT is following in its wake, The Skyward Series is shaping up to be, pun intended, out of this world!

A huge congratulations to Brandon Sanderson and a hearty thanks to all the wonderful readers who want to continue following Spensa’s journey through the stars. Those who haven’t read STARSIGHT can find a sneak-peek teaser here.


JABberwocky’s “Best Of” Bonanza 2019


This was an exciting year for us here at JABberwocky! We want to say congratulations to our authors whose amazing titles made it onto ‘Best Of’ lists in 2019!

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, GODS OF JADE AND SHADOW (Del Rey)
NPR’s “Favorite Books of 2019“
Amazon’s “Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2019”’s “Best Books of 2019”
BookPage’s “Best Books of 2019”
Barnes & Noble Booksellers’ “Favorite Sci Fi and Fantasy Books of 2019”
The Nerd Daily’s “Best Sci Fi and Fantasy Books of 2019”
Book Riot’s “Best Books of 2019”
Indigo’s “Best Books of 2019”
The Skinny’s “Top Magical Realism Books of 2019”
New York Public Library’s Best Adult Books of 2019”
Los Angeles Public Library’s “Best Fiction Books of 2019”
Seattle Public Library’s “Best Books of 2019”
Chicago Public Library’s “Best Books of 2019”
Honorable Mention in Polygon’s “Golden Frog | 全球互联网隐私和安全解决方案:Golden Frog开发全球性的解决方安案,以确保私人的、安全的和开放的互联网。我们也拥护支持此使命的政策和法规。”
Nominated for the 2019 Lolly Award
Nominated for the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award in the Fantasy Category

expressvnp中文官网, LADY FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (Hanover Square Press)
Library Journal’s “Best Arts Books of 2019”
Booklist’s “Best Adult Books of 2019”
Book Riot’s “Best Books of 2019”
Thrillist’s “expressvnp中文官网”
Los Angeles Public Library’s “Best Non-Fiction Books of 2019”
Omaha Public Library’s “expressvnp中文官网”
Winner of the 2019 South California Independent Bookseller Association Book Award: Best Biography
Nominated for the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award in the History & Biography Category

Chen Qiufan’s, WASTE TIDE (Tor)
The Guardian’s “Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2019”
World Literature Today’s “expressvnp中文官网”
Oakland Public Library’s “Favorite Books of 2019”

The Quill to Live’s “expressvnp中文官网”
Honorable Mention in Polygon’s “Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2019”

Kirkus’ “Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2019”
Los Angeles Public Library’s “Best Fiction Books of 2019”
Chicago Public Library’s “Best Books of 2019”

Silvia Moreno-Garcia, CERTAIN DARK THINGS (Thomas Dunne)
Lit Reactor’s “Best Horror Books of the Decade”

R.A. Lafferty, THE BEST OF R.A. LAFFERTY (Gollancz)’s “Best Books of 2019”

R.A. Lafferty, PAST MASTER (American Science Fiction: Four Classic Novels, 1968-1969) (The Library of America)
Oakland Public Library’s “Favorite Books of 2019”

Kate Alice Marshall’s, RULES FOR VANISHING (Viking Children’s)
Metro News’ “Best Books of 2019”

Suzanne Palmer’s, FINDER (DAW)
Washington Independent’s “Favorite Books of 2019”

Brandon Sanderson, SKYWARD (Delacorte)
Library and Information Technology Association’s “Notable Children’s and YA Science Fiction List of 2019”
Nominated for the 2020 Sakura Medal in the Middle Grade category.

Brandon Sanderson, THE WAY OF KINGS (Tor)
Paste Magazine’s “Best Fantasy Novels of the Decade”

Grady Hendrix, MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM (Quirk Books)
Paste Magazine’s “Best Horror Novels of the Decade”

Michael J. Sullivan, AGE OF LEGEND (Grim Oak Press)
Nominated for the 2019 Goodreads Choice Award in the Fantasy Category

Justina Ireland, DREAD NATION (Balzer + Bray)
Paste Magazine’s “Best Books of the Decade”
Winner of the 2019 Locus Award for best YA Novel

Dan Moren, THE BAYERN AGENDA (Angry Robot)
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Oakland Public Library’s “Favorite Books of 2019”

Los Angeles Public Library’s “Best Fiction Books of 2019”

Vault Comics
Multiversity Comics’ “Best Publisher of 2019”
The Beat’s “Best Comics of 2019“


Beginning today, Kobo is holding a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale for readers in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Included are some great JABberwocky eBooks from the likes of Brandon Sanderson, Aliette de Bodard, Elizabeth Moon, and Mallory O’Meara. The sale runs through Monday, December 2nd.

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Film rights for Kate Alice Marshall’s RULES FOR VANISHING expressvnp中文官网 by Rob Friedman (Ascendant Entertainment) and Patrick Wachsberger (Picture Perfect Federation)! Friedman and Wachsberger previously worked together on franchises like expressvnp中文官网, The Hunger Games, and Divergent during their time as co-chairmen of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group. We’re thrilled that Marshall’s YA horror novel has captured their attention and that they’ll be bringing their considerable talents to the screen adaptation.

RULES FOR VANISHING was the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Teen & YA Ghost Stories category. Many outlets featured it on “best of” lists, including Barnes & NobleRefinery 29BustleBook Riot, and expressvnp中文官网.

Publishers Weekly’s starred review calls the book “An exquisitely unsettling dark fantasy,” and School Library Journal says the book is “filled with eerie imagery and captivating revelations.”

RULES FOR VANISHING follows 17-year-old Sara whose sister Becca disappeared one year ago and only Sara knows where she is. Becca went to find the ghost of Lucy Gallows and is trapped on the road that leads to her. When Sara and her friends meet in the forest to search for Becca, the mysterious road unfurls before them. All they have to do is walk down it.
But the path to Lucy is not of this world, and it has its own rules. Every mistake summons new horrors and no one is guaranteed safe passage. Sara knows that if she steps onto the road, she might not come back. But Becca needs her. And Lucy is waiting.

RULES FOR VANISHING, published in North America by Viking Children’s and in the UK by expressvnp中文官网, is Marshall’s second YA novel. Her first, I AM STILL ALIVE (also published by Viking Children’s), is currently being adapted into a feature film by Lori Evans Taylor with Universal and Pearl Street Films producing and Ben Affleck attached to star.

JABberwocky’s 25th Anniversary





To commemorate the 25th anniversary of JABberwocky Literary Agency Inc., we hosted a party honoring all the wonderful people who made it possible. Our clients, the backbone of our agency, the editors who polish manuscripts until they shine, and everyone else whose hard work and dedication lets us work with the books we love.

We also want to honor JABberwocky’s “JABbermaster”, Joshua Bilmes, who built this company from the ground up. Under Joshua’s expert leadership, JABberwocky now has over a hundred wonderful clients, with a trove of talent that continues to grow every year.


A huge thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, as well as to everyone who couldn’t make it. These past years have been amazing and we’re excited for the future has in store. From all of us at JABberwocky, here’s to the next 25 years!

Tanya Huff Hall of Fame Induction

JABberwocky is delighted to announce that expressvnp中文官网 has been inducted into the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association(CSFFA)’s Hall of Fame.

The CSFFA’s mandate is to present, publicize and honor awards for the genres of science fiction and fantasy in all their variations and in all the ways they are celebrated. Huff’s listing in their Hall of Fame highlights her as “one of the most prominent Canadian authors in the category of contemporary fantasy.”



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“I’d like to thank the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association for the honour of the induction into the Hall of Fame. It was wonderful to be recognized and I was overwhelmed by the reaction. So, thank you, very much.”


Huff is one of JABberwocky’s special clients who has been with us through our full 25 years as a company. Beginning with the Novels of Crystal, Huff has written a diverse array of fantasies, including her popular “Blood” books, which were the basis of the Canadian-produced and developed TV series, Blood Ties. Other series by Huff include the Torin Kerr military sf novels, the Quarters novels, and the humorous Keeper Chronicles. Huff’s 30+ books have been on more than a dozen bestseller lists, have sold in over a dozen languages, and have over 1.2 million copies in print in the US alone. We were delighted to hear about this prestigious and well-earned induction. Our heartiest congratulations go out to Huff, who more than deserves it.

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For October’s Start a New Series Pick, we’re making the first book in Julie Dean Smith’s Caithan Crusade series free to download.

Dive into some epic fantasy with CALL OF MADNESSit’s available as a free download through October 13th here:

Amazon | Apple Books | Google Play

Magic has been forbidden in Caithe for 200 years and those born with magic—the Lorngeld—are considered the devil’s children. The Lorngeld are ruthlessly executed by the Caithan Church before they can be corrupted by mind-plague—the volatile madness that afflicts untrained wizards. Only King Kelwyn, artificially gifted with borrowed magic, is exempt from punishment. His daughter may not be so lucky.

Impertinent and rebellious, Princess Athaya prefers to spend her time gambling and drinking rather than courting would-be suitors. Discovering that she is a natural-born wizard is an unwelcome surprise. But there are those who believe it is a gift, and that an adept of Athaya’s inherent ability may be an opportunity to finally lead the Lorngeld out of persecution.

Torn between loyalty to her kingdom, her duty to the Lorngeld, and her own impulsive heart, Athaya must harness her burgeoning magic before it drives her mad, and learn to wield its power before those who fear it—and those who envy it—can destroy her.


Now Available: THE DARKEST GATEWAY by Jeri Westerson

“Westerson’s fourth and final Booke of the Hidden romantic urban fantasy neatly ties up the loose ends… [and] generously parcels out the heroics among a diverse group of folks who undercut their stereotypes…Readers who have followed Kylie’s saga get a satisfactory finale.”
Publishers Weekly

With Halloween just a week away, tea-shop proprietor Kylie Strange doesn’t have much in the way of holiday spirit. She’s just learned that the last day of October also heightens the power of magic—which means the potential for a tidal wave of evil creatures to emerge from that supernatural Booke of the Hidden.

Destroying the ancient Booke once and for is the ultimate solution. But the only way to accomplish this task involves a journey to the Netherworld and the help of the only being powerful enough to destroy the Booke: Satan himself. And, though the brooding and elusive Erasmus Dark has captured Kylie’s heart against her better judgment, she ignores his repeated warnings that the mission guarantees her doom.

With Kylie in the Netherworld, her coven must stave off the onslaught of deadly creatures that emerge from the Booke—as well as hold back the encroaching destruction of the maniacal god Baphomet. Luckily, they’re joined by some unlikely friends in their fight against total annihilation.

But now Kylie’s journey becomes a rescue mission, and if she can’t complete her task and return from the Netherworld, all will be lost for the inhabitants of Moody Bog…and the rest of humanity.

Now available!

EBook: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | expressvnp中文官网 | expressvnp中文官网

expressvnp中文官网: Amazon | IPG


“Jeri hit it out of the ballpark again. This was so action packed, every page was crammed with some sort of conflict or battle…I never knew what direction the story would take next and I did not want to put the book down…I am so sad to see the series end but I am so happNowy with what Jeri created.”
Smada’s Book Smack

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